PROJ-PRZEM-PROJEKT is an engineering company with its rich tradition, employing engineering-technical specialists in all building disciplines.

PROJ-PRZEM-PROJEKT specializes in comprehensive realization of ecological investments in the scope of industrial buildings, apartment buildings, public use building, shopping malls, communication infrastructure, gasoline management, water drainage and sewage management as well as heating related issues management.

The company is client oriented. It is enough to provide the data "what and where is to be built" - the rest is handled by PROJ-PRZEM-PROJEKT.

On behalf of an investor, PROJ-PRZEM-PROJEKT finds the appropriate land, takes care of all the related formalities, carries out the geodesy and geological studies, does all disciplines designs, prepares the environmental impact documentation and obtains the building permit.

PROJ-PRZEM-PROJEKT also acts as the general executer of the investment, organizes the tender for the execution of works and supervises the investment up to the very final, till the turnkey.

Our company cooperates with producers of building materials and interior equipment and fittings as well as the building contractors, which allows optimization of the works from the quality versus costs standpoint.

The last few years investments, designed by PROJ-PRZEM-PROJEKT, among which there are public use buildings, new and modernized industrial buildings, ecological boiler houses and modern gas stations, are the evidences of the good reputation of the company on the market. Quality, reliability, and, above all, satisfaction of the Investors, are proved by the list of numerous references.

The service provided by PROJ-PRZEM-PROJEKT is insured within the scope of contractual civil responsibility.